About Online Counseling

About Online Counseling

What Is Online Counseling?

Online counseling is a virtual form of psychotherapy that doesn’t involve in-person interaction. Most mental health counseling involves a patient meeting face-to-face with a licensed mental health professional in an office or a clinic. But online counseling (also known as virtual therapy, or teletherapy) is a digital approach to treatment, and sessions can be conducted online through video chat or over the phone. 

Online counseling has become an increasingly popular alternative for anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Many evidence-based approaches to therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), are well-suited to online counseling, and in this day and age, more and more important aspects of healthcare, and daily life in general, are available online. Online counseling can help many seek the mental health care that they need in a format that better suits their needs. 


Why Online Counseling?

Online counseling is a good option for those who either don’t want to, or are unable to come into an in-person clinic for some reason. 

You may choose online counseling for reasons relating to…


  • You live in a rural community, or area where quality mental health treatment options are scarce
  • You don’t have reliable transportation
  • You have a health issue that limits your mobility 


  • You travel often for work or have a difficult schedule 
  • You are fearful of facing a stranger in person or do not wish to meet in an office setting due to a mental health issue, for example stress or social anxiety

What Issues Can Be Treated With Online Therapy?

How Do I Know If Online Counseling Is Right for Me?

Online counseling is NOT right for you if....

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